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Certification Renewal Policy

Effective January 3, 2012; All re-applicants must recertify a mininum of thirty-five (35) days before expiration date of certification. Those using expired certification in their line of work, will be fined $75.00 and $25.00 per month over the 35 day grace period that they have not renewed, and must begin the certification process again, paying current fees for new certification. There are no exceptions unless you have applied for and have been granted a waiver due to documented health reasons.

N.A.D.A.I. had adopted (ratified by N.A.D.A.I. Board of Directors), a new zero-tolerance policy that will be strictly enforced for certified professionals who allow their certification(s) to lapse, yet continue to use them in the field. This tears into the fabric of honesty and integrity that N.A.D.A.I. - I certificate and degree holders are known for, and makes a mockery of the intervention, addiction, and recovery field in general.

If you are in need of re-certification, please contact us ASAP. Recertification fees are $220.00 for the first certificate and $170.00 for each additional.