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N.A.D.A.I. is currently in the proccess of renewing membership with NAADAC. All certifications issued in the 2016-2020 period that contain the NAADAC seal, while still valid (if not expired), do not qualify NADAI certificate holders for CEs by NCC AP for accreditation. If you would like a re-print of your certificates that do not contain the NAADAC seal, please reach out and we will sent the ammended copies at no cost to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staffing shortage and a restructuring of N.A.D.A.I., please allow 2-3 days for a call back of voicemails left.

Be sure to leave your name, call back number, and best time to call you. If you have not heard from us in that time, please send an email. Email is currently the best way to get in contact with a N.A.D.A.I. representative as emails are checked several times daily. Please send your inquiries to

Please DO NOT mail documents or payments to 3331 N. Marston Street, Philadelphia, PA. Our offices are in the proccess of moving and anything sent to this address may not get picked up for several weeks or more. Mail should be forwarded, but there is no guarentee that your packet will be. Paypal is the most secure and best way to send in payment for any and all certifications, tests, etc. Please scan and email any applications and documents at this time. We will update soon with the new mailing address.

Thank you for your patience during this time!

Certification: N.A.D.A.I. is a professional certification board that can certify you in many different fields of endeavor. And more! To see our complete list of certification available click here.
N.A.D.A.I. Certification Process: N.A.D.A.I.'s Certification process is easy; Just download one of our application forms, fill it out and submit it to us along with your application fee.

Following N.A.D.A.I.'S policy of inclusion rather than exclusion, we acknowledge the concept that experiential learning as an adjunct and extension of classroom experience is an educationally sound method of providing one's skill and professionalism. The mature professional adult realizes that many individuals in a position of making judgments on other's talents and abilities do so based on the level of formal academic training they have received, as demonstrated by the possession of a college or university degree. Thus they are denied raises, promotions, new jobs or the prestige they deserve. The N.A.D.A.I. credentialing committee does not do this and takes into account not solely college degrees, but life skills/ life learning.

Education is viewed differently today than ever before. New ideas and concepts are being introduced, and the method which a student is allowed to learn is far different than in years past. Through our many years in the business of recovery we have learned that many mature, self-motivated adults without college a degree have achieved at least the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree as a result of their life learning and previous academic training. Likewise, those holding advanced degrees but without formal credentials may find that, by using their life learning experience and academic training, they may be very close to qualifying for a valuable credential. Therefore, N.A.D.A.I. will review each individual applicant's academic and life learning experience with an eye towards granting the highest credential available while maintaining it's strict standards.

Please Note; N.A.D.A.I. has not completed any mergers with any other organizations. All affiliations are listed on our Affiliate page of this site. Please beware of anyone claiming to be a representative of N.A.D.A.I. or offering any certifications in our name.

If you have any concerns that someone is misrepresenting themselves as a N.A.D.A.I. affiliate, representative, or partner, please contact us immediately to verify. Thank you!

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